Claude Garamond promotes his Old Style Typefaces

Type design cannot be completed by anyone. It takes a rare breed to sit tirelessly in front of drawings of counters, bridges, shoulders, and punctuation. The complete system of ABC and 123 amounts to a visual communication that is at onetime complex, but when utilized taken for granted. Typographers make language visible. Form is content. Here, Claude Garamond shares some of his ideals, passions, and excitement. Funny stuff!

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville. Dirty Design and Fuzzy Theory

In 1990 Sheila Levrant de Bretteville became the new director of studies in graphic design at Yale University School of Art. Since the late 1950s, the Yale program had been a bastion of modernist theory, a conduit between designers in the U.S. and the program in graphic design at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basle, directed by Armin Hoffmann. For over thirty years, graduates of these distinguished programs have profoundly influenced American design through their professional work and their teaching.

Massimo Vignelli vs. Ed Benguiat (Sort Of)

'Print had brought Vignelli and Benguiat together because they looked like oil and water on paper. But rather than debate one another they surprised us by ganging up on Emigre magazine (1984–2009) as a symbol of the computer's destructive influence on contemporary typography. What follows is an almost complete rerun of the 9,000-word original published version. Parts that have been skimmed away are indicated by ellipses (...).'

Milton Glaser talks with Chip Kidd

If graphic design has a grand master, then Milton Glaser is Michelangelo. The Dylan poster. The oh-so-ripped-off “I ‘Heart’ NY” logo. The image for Angels in America. New York magazine. Everything else.

Kris Sowersby. A bountiful age of type

In the past few years the Klim Type Foundry has released a succession of finely crafted typefaces that have been as notable for their range and engagement with typographic history as for their immaculate execution.

Brock Davis. My ideas start as finger drawings in the air

For American artist Brock Davis humor is integral in all his projects. Designboom asked him to comment on his work.

Rudy VanderLans. Emigre: Time and Time Again

Can you be a part of design’s history and its future as well? Yes.In the early days of the Macintosh computer and DTP software,...

Fred Smeijers. Sharpen the chisel properly

Fred Smeijers (b. 1961) graduated at the beginning of the digital era of type; his first job was at the Dutch company Océ, editing...

Irene Pereyra. My favorite part is the blank page

Irene Pereyra is co-founder of the Brooklyn design studio "Anton & Irene". Before that, she was the UX Director at Fantasy Interactive.

Tobias van Schneider. Understand the design goals of the business

Tobias van Schneider lives and breathes design. A rock star of the industry, van Schneider has worked with Google, and most recently as the Lead Designer at Spotify. Yet all this comes as sort of a shock considering he got rejected from every design program he applied to.

Andrew Howard. Personal Views

Andrew Howard coordinates the Personal Views Conference. It is an attempt to explore where the boundaries of contemporary practice lie. Series Six asked speakers to trace their personal design journeys.

The Debate. Wim Crouwel vs. Jan van Toorn

The Debate: The Legendary Contest of Two Giants of Graphic Design. In 1972 Wim Crouwel and Jan van Toorn shook up the design world when they went head to head on the purpose of design.

Debbie Millman on Branding, Design Matters, and Personal Work

Debbie Millman is one of the most influential graphic designers working today. She's also an author, teacher, and brand strategist, and the chief marketing...

Moira Cullen. Happiness in a bottle

Moira Cullen, The PepsiCoCoca Design Director went down the right path during the redesign of Coke's identity. "It's happiness inside. Happiness in a bottle."

Jaemin Lee. Killing two birds with one stone

Jaemin Lee is a South Korean designer, art director and founder of agency Studio Fnt. His repeated work for Seoul Record Fair has resulted in a very distinct and recognisable identity.