Thonik. If the concept is good, the rest will follow

October, 2010

Thomas Widdershoven and Nikki Gonnissen are, unequivocally, two of the Netherlands’ leading graphic designers.

Together they form THONIK, a distinguished design studio that explores the boundaries of experiential visual communication and graphic design.

The work of THONIK is internationally acclaimed, with recent exhibitions in Venice, Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris, in the famous Anatome gallery.

Thomas and Nikki employ a number of central models and themes that constantly reappear, turning each work into a recognisable THONIK oeuvre. What emerges is the design principle central to all THONIK’s work: if the concept is good, the rest will follow.

THONIK gained international fame with the re-branding of the Dutch Socialist Party.

Following the 2006 election, THONIK made a TV commercial for the Socialist Party highlighting the issue of failing homecare policies – in which an eighty-year-old woman undresses in front of the camera. The film caused a media uproar, but was voted by the Dutch public as the best TV commercial of that year.

THONIK’s designs are both detailed and daring, systematic yet liberal – and always include a healthy dose of humour.