Arnulf Rainer. Übermalte Bücher

Arnulf Rainer. Übermalte Bücher
Arnulf Rainer. Übermalte Bücher

Books are objects with a special status, sacred in a way. Books are containers of knowledge, and when you made that knowledge your own, you can’t just throw it away, that hurts. The object contains within it a purpose, and that goes beyond you reading the book. It can be passed on to someone else.

As a designer you might create books, adding to the value of the object that will find its way into the world. A great job indeed. So, can destroying an object also add to the significance of it? Can adding your own layer of meaning to someone else’s efforts result in a richer and more meaningful object?

Arnulf Rainer – the best-known and most important Austrian artist of the past fifty years – forged a completely new path in European art with his “overpaintings”: paintings and drawings done “over” already existing works, and the masking of illustrations in books.

Author: Barbara Catoir
Title: Arnulf Rainer. Übermalte Bücher
Publisher: Prestel-Verlag
Year: 1989
ISBN: 9783791309880