Frank Chimero. The shape of design

The shape of design by Frank Chimero
The shape of design by Frank Chimero

The Shape of Design is an odd little design book. Instead of talking about typography, grids, or logos, it focuses on storytelling, co-dependency, and craft.

It tries to supplement the abundance of technical talk and how-to elsewhere by elevating why great work is done.

Shape is a book about objectives, and it zooms out to answer a couple big questions: How does it feel to make things for other people? And how can we do so in a meaningful, engaged way?

There are many practical design books about tools and methods, but very few that cover the mindset of making. What are the opportunities, problems, and possibilities of the creative practice? And once the work is done, what happens when it is launched into the world?

The Shape of Design is a rumination on making things for other people. It weaves its way through the creative process, craft, and storytelling to see the whole picture: we make the world and the world makes us.

Author: Frank Chimero
Title: The Shape of Design. Words on Paper
Publisher: Buy Olympia
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780985472207