William Drenttel & Jessica Helfand: 2013 AIGA Medalists

April, 2013

Designer, theorist and publisher William Drenttel is recognized for advancing critical thinking about design; for his long-standing commitment to integrating design strategy into organizations; for expanding design’s role in social innovation; and for his work as cofounder, editor and publisher of Design Observer.

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Read about Jessica Helfand’s latest book, ‘Design: the invention of desire’.

Designer, educator and writer Jessica Helfand is recognized as an incisive critic; a pioneer in design practice and education; an innovator of new forms of visual narrative; and for her work as cofounder of Design Observer.

This is not a simple story, but it has a simple lesson. Theirs was destined to be a partnership as consequential in its way as some of the most storied in the design profession: think of Charles and Ray Eames, say, or Massimo and Lella Vignelli. But it took a while to happen.