A Conversation between Milton Glaser and Debbie Millman

“If there are two questions I hate, it’s, ‘Where do I find inspiration?’ and ‘Can you tell me about your process?’” said legendary designer Milton Glaser shortly before we began our interview with him. We hastily crossed those questions off our list. Luckily, we had Debbie Millman on hand to conduct the interview. Millman is a design heavyweight in her own right, as well as an educator, an author, a speaker, a podcaster, and much more, and this wasn’t the first time she had interviewed Glaser. Their rapport was evident throughout the conversation and a reminder of why it works when someone with expertise and a point of view asks the questions, as we do in our “A Conversation with…” series.

Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser

Glaser also probably doesn’t like to be called a legend, as he still goes to the office to work every day like everyone else. But what else can you call the man who created some of the most iconic brand marks and pop culture designs of the 20th century? In addition to his work for Sony, Barron’s, the Brooklyn Brewery, and many more, he founded (along with Clay Felker) the seminal New York magazine. And oh yes—he also created what he says is one of the most widely reproduced icons in the world, second only to the crucifix.

To hear more about that, along with insights and wisdom gained from a life in design, watch the video.

“A Conversation with…” is a series of short films from Adobe Create Magazine in which two practitioners of a creative industry speak with each other about their craft.

Debbie Millman interviewing graphic design legend Milton Glaser.