Moira Cullen. Happiness in a bottle

Moira Cullen went down the right path during the redesign of Coke’s identity. “It’s happiness inside. Happiness in a bottle.” It’s worth checking this video, where she explains how making the identity made that Coca feeling of joy come to life again.

The Coca-Cola 2008 new identity was the perfect win for the english agency Turner Duckworth, which has won the Design Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2008. It’s absolutily stunning.

Moira Cullen, PepsiCo Vice President Global Beverage Design, is responsible for developing design strategy and systems across the beverage portfolio and leading new growth initiatives. She led development of the acclaimed redesign of the Coca-Cola visual identity system that won the first Grand Prix for Design and Golden Lion for packaging at the 2008 Cannes Awards.