Inspired and encouraged

Take a peek inside the heads of some of the world’s greatest living graphic designers. How do they think, how do they connect to others, what special skills do they have? In these conversations they share their approaches, processes, opinions, and thoughts about their work, speaking frankly and openly about their aspirations and failures. It offers an opportunity to observe and understand the giants of the industry.

Anyone who struggles daily to create great work will be inspired and encouraged by these glimpses into remarkable minds.

Interviews are an amazing way to gain insight into the design community and quickly tap into the experience of others to better prepare yourself for challenges ahead, plus they’re just dang interesting!

Maintaining the memory

Scattered around the internet numerous interviews with graphic designers can be found. This site brings together some of those conversations from various online sources. Together they form a kaleidoscopic portrait of contempory graphic design through the thoughts of its leading practitioners.

[it’s] about hinting at books and texts being toolboxes. And it’s also about memory, as in the age of the internet, we have more and more information but that does not necessarily mean more memory; to maintain the memory […] is very important to me.
– Hans Ulrich Obrist, from a Q&A with readers of The Guardian, 18 May 2015

The interview as a source

The interview is valuable as a primary source of information.

I love it [interviewing],” he [David Bowie] said in 1999. “For me it’s far preferable being on that end of it. I’m interested in how artists work. The process. How they got where they got, why they’re like they are, how they do what they do. Those three things are what you want to find out about a person you admire.
– David Bowie on his work for Modern Painter, from Uncut Magazine, January 8 2013

Interviewing is an excellent way to gather information that would not otherwise be available in written form.

An interview is a meeting between two or more people, in which a prepared interviewer asks questions and records the answers (by tape or through notes) of a specialist. The specialist’s responses can include such things as technical information, statistical data, research, personal information, anecdotes, photographic materials, philosophical/political/social reflections, definitions, opinions*, and advice.
*Keep in mind the difference between an expert’s oral opinions, which are often given informally in an interview, and his/her carefully considered written opinions, which would appear in a professional journal or book.

Cited from: City University of New York, Hunter College RWC, ‘The Documented Essay Research Paper’, Using the Interview as a Source.

What others say about Words for Designers


This great little site is full of interviews with some of the world’s greatest graphic designers. “How do they think, how do they connect to others, what special skills do they have?” Prepare yourself to be inspired and encouraged by these candid stories of aspirations, failures and more.


Introducing a must bookmark website: Words for Designers, an assemblage of interviews from around the interwebs dedicated to graphic designers.


Words for Designers is a site that scours the internet to curate existing interviews with graphic designers.


An amazing site.

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