Fear of Failure

Self-sabotage is any kind of behavior or thought that keeps us away from what we desire most in life. Reluctance on our part to take up new challenges is a characteristic trait of self-sabotaging behavior. It is the conflict that exists between our conscious desires and unconscious wants—or as Sigmund Freud would describe it, our identity versus our ego—that manifests itself in self-sabotage patterns.

How many of us actually make those dreams a reality? The trouble is that before even beginning to achieve that dream, many of us have doubts about our ability to do what we love. We are apprehensive and hesitant to try out something different.

This self-sabotaging behavior originates from our fear of failure. The overwhelming sentiment growing inside of us, gnawing at us, and saying, "You cannot do this," is what deters us from our goal of achieving the greatness we are born to do.