The Glass Ceiling

"[Milton Glaser said] that the reason there are so few female rock star graphic designers is that "women get pregnant, have children, go home and take care of their children. And those essential years that men are building their careers and becoming visible are basically denied to women who choose to be at home." He continued: "Unless something very dramatic happens to the nature of the human experience then it's never going to change." About day care and nannies, he said, "None of them are good solutions."
Cited from Michael Bierut's essay The Glass Ceiling, in: Design Observer, 12 November 2006.

Gender obviously isn't an issue exclusive to the design profession. There certainly exists a Glass Ceiling. And, as in many professions, it has nothing to do with talent, ability, or accomplishment. Being that said, here is a supplement to the bundle 'Grand Old Men'.