Themed groupings of interviews, videos, and reading tips.


Design as a Social Service

The act of working for a purpose greater than ourselves is what magnifies and elevates talent. Design and creativity can drive civic engagement and change a community for the better.


Conversations between Designers

what if the people who engage in the interview are both ‘prepared interviewer’ and ‘specialist’ alike? What if they can exchange views on the same – specialist – level?



Celebrity is a very specific commodity. Being a ‘Superstar’ designers is time consuming work…


Studio Life

The design studio is a traditionally mysterious subject. So, what is a studio, and how do you run it?



Time moves fast on the internet. Interviews from the early day’s of internet are obviously still worth preserving and reading.



Some designers were major players in a graphic design revolution that converged with the convulsions that were happening in pop and rock.


The Glass Ceiling

Gender obviously isn’t an issue exclusive to the design profession. There certainly exists a Glass Ceiling. And, as in many professions, it has nothing to do with talent, ability, or accomplishment. Being that said, here is a supplement to the collection ‘Grand Old Men’.


Grand Old Men

Leading lights, the most senior exponents of their fields. Retired also. Listen and learn. The title of this collection comes with the accent on the last word.


Fear of Failure

Self-sabotage is any kind of behavior or thought that keeps us away from what we desire most in life. How many of us actually make those dreams a reality?


Art of the Interview

The interview is valuable as a primary source of information. How they got where they got, why they’re like they are, how they do what they do.