Book Art. A PBS Arts Documentary

Books are in a conflicted state. From pop culture pop-ups, to surreal sculptural stories, to reformations of antique sacred texts, these creators re-envision what the experience of a book can be. At times playful, and other times profound, this episode explores the boundaries of one of the most important human creations.

Aaron Draplin. Making it in the little leagues

What if every graphic designer, builder, craftsman, creator donated 4-5 hours of FREE time on a Friday to help the greater good? Aaron Draplin...

Massimo Vignelli vs. Ed Benguiat (Sort Of)

'Print had brought Vignelli and Benguiat together because they looked like oil and water on paper. But rather than debate one another they surprised us by ganging up on Emigre magazine (1984–2009) as a symbol of the computer's destructive influence on contemporary typography. What follows is an almost complete rerun of the 9,000-word original published version. Parts that have been skimmed away are indicated by ellipses (...).'

Milton Glaser. I’m not a graphic designer

"I’m not a graphic designer”. Milton Glaser is dead serious as he utters these words, so serious he almost makes us uneasy. Sure, he’s foremost an illustrator and an artist. And the most powerful image that comes to mind – apart from the thousands he produced – is that of President Obama assigning him the National Medal of Arts in 2009, which was presented for the very first time to, well, a graphic designer.

Jessica Helfand. Design: The Invention of Desire

A compelling defense for the importance of design and how it shapes our behavior, our emotions, and our livesDesigners are jinxed. They are victims...

Brock Davis. My ideas start as finger drawings in the air

For American artist Brock Davis humor is integral in all his projects. Designboom asked him to comment on his work.

Elaine Lustig Cohen. The visual was my life

Elaine Lustig Cohen on the late Alvin Lustig and the art, and archiving, of the book jacket.Alvin Lustig and Elaine Lustig Cohen, 1949. All...

Paul Rand speaks at MIT Media Lab with John Maeda

November 1996 Paul Rand visited the MIT Media Lab for an interview with John Maeda. UPDATE: Rare video footage of this interview has been found, so tells us Danny Lewandowski, curator of the Paul Rand website.

Jessica Hische. Your personality shines through in your work

Jessica Hische is a letterer and illustrator living somewhere between San Francisco, California and Brooklyn, New York. A fun short film, made for the Like Knows Like documentary project.

Folkert Gorter. Thinking In The Future Tense

Folkert Gorter is functioning on a different level than the rest of us. The interaction designer and high concept community creator is the man behind online arenas such as SpaceCollective and Cargo, not to mention his own design studio, Superfamous.

Bruno Maag. I don’t think there is a secret to it

He is the co-founder and owner of Dalton Maag, possibly the largest independent studio in Europe specializing in custom type design. Educated in Basel in his native Switzerland, he has worked and lived in London for two decades. His company recently developed a huge plurilingual font system for Nokia and has presented their bespoke font for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Following many requests from our customers, Dalton Maag’s superior typefaces have recently become available for retail on MyFonts. Meet Bruno Maag, at your service.

Stefan Sagmeister. Style + Fart = Language

On the occasion of his first New York retrospective, SAGMEISTER: MADE YOU LOOK, which ran at the School of Visual Arts end of 2004, the artist and designer was asked to reflect on his past and recent accomplishments. While tooting his own horn is not a favorite pastime, we did manage to get a few choice notes. Conversation with Steve Heller for AIGA.

Art Chantry Speaks. A Heretic’s History of 20th Century Graphic Design

Feral House presents an irreverent, educational and entertaining collection of essays by the Great Contrarian of graphic design, Art Chantry.“There used to be a...

Debbie Millman on Branding, Design Matters, and Personal Work

Debbie Millman is one of the most influential graphic designers working today. She's also an author, teacher, and brand strategist, and the chief marketing...

The designer is present

Should my ideas, my personality, my philosophy be evident in my work? Or should I just remove as much of my persona as possible and ‘follow the brief’? Or is there a way to do both?