Arnulf Rainer. Übermalte Bücher

Books are objects with a special status, sacred in a way. Books are containers of knowledge, and when you made that knowledge your own, you...

Robert Rauschenberg for Designers

December 1st a major exhibition on Robert Rauschenberg opened at the Tate Modern in London, spanning six decades of his work. Rauschenberg (1925-2008) has...

Paula Scher gets serious

Paula Scher looks back at a life in design (she's done album covers, books, the Citibank logo ...) and pinpoints the moment when she started really having fun. Look for gorgeous designs and images from her legendary career.

Natalia Ilyin. Chasing the Perfect

A designer and design critic, Natasha Ilyin talked with Jason Tselentis of Under Consideration/Speak up about her great interest: the contemporary mythic imagery and symbols that designers manipulate, interpret, and act upon - often unconsciously.