Typeface as Programme. The Nature of Type Design in the Digital...

Designer and programmer Jürg Lehni analyses the evolution of typographic technology and the nature of digital fonts. An essay complemented by interviews with Peter Biľak, Erik Spiekermann and Dimitri Bruni (NORM).

Julia Hasting on new book Akademie X

Phaidon creative director Julia Hasting on spectacular new book Akademie X A few weeks back, an enormous book the colour of a tube of Love...

Ellen Lupton on her book Thinking with Type

Graphic designer, curator, artist, educator and writer, Ellen Lupton is perhaps best known for her Thinking With Type—a book that in many respects opened up typography to a wider audience. Many have remarked that she made learning about typography fun; and ‘do I look fat in this paragraph’ and ‘typography is what language looks like’ are now oft-quoted phrases. She also stirred up some controversy over her Free Fonts Manifesto. Interview at I love typography.

Carol Devine Carson of Knopf Publishers. Cultivating designers

Designers Carol Devine Carson in conversation with Ellen Lupton about her work at Knopf Publishers.