William Drenttel & Jessica Helfand: 2013 AIGA Medalists

Designer, theorist and publisher William Drenttel is recognized for advancing critical thinking about design; for his long-standing commitment to integrating design strategy into organizations;...

Art Chantry. Art Speaks, Posters Yell

Renowned poster designer Art Chantry shows examples of work over his acclaimed career through which he expands upon his ideas, theories and the history...

Bruno Maag. I don’t think there is a secret to it

He is the co-founder and owner of Dalton Maag, possibly the largest independent studio in Europe specializing in custom type design. Educated in Basel in his native Switzerland, he has worked and lived in London for two decades. His company recently developed a huge plurilingual font system for Nokia and has presented their bespoke font for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Following many requests from our customers, Dalton Maag’s superior typefaces have recently become available for retail on MyFonts. Meet Bruno Maag, at your service.

Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins. Free Inspiration

Curiosity and appreciation, these are the things that Michael Wolff (one half the founders of design firm Wolff Olins) sees as his biggest strengths. This interview gives you all the secrets you’ll ever need to be a good designer. I felt like what he was saying was so true in my own life, that having an intense passion for learning and paying attention to what’s going on around you is the way to succeed. He makes it all sound so simple, but I think that what he says couldn’t be more correct. I love his metaphor, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, it’s a dinner, but it’s only through the parts that the whole gets delivered.

Cory Schmitz. Graphic Designer for PlayStation, Oculus, Indie Games, and More

A picture might be worth a thousand words but a good logo is a promise. Graphic design should be functional, in an accessible form....

Massimo Vignelli vs. Ed Benguiat (Sort Of)

'Print had brought Vignelli and Benguiat together because they looked like oil and water on paper. But rather than debate one another they surprised us by ganging up on Emigre magazine (1984–2009) as a symbol of the computer's destructive influence on contemporary typography. What follows is an almost complete rerun of the 9,000-word original published version. Parts that have been skimmed away are indicated by ellipses (...).'

I Used to Be a Design Student: 50 Graphic Designers Then...

This book offers a rare chance to read what graphic designers feel about their education and profession. Fifty influential designers give the low-down about...

Singapore’s Anonymous Design Studio on How to Survive in Business: Really...

Instant noodles are a key ingredient in the decade-long story of communication design studio Anonymous. It kept founders Felix Ng and Germaine Chong alive for a week while they waited for clients to pay their bills. But even before that low point in their early design days, instant noodles imparted a key lesson in design for the fledgling Singapore studio.

Maureen Mooren and Daniel van der Velden. Defining a new approach...

The Dutch graphic designers MAUREEN MOOREN (1969-) and DANIEL VAN DER VELDEN (1971-) are in the vanguard of experiments to define a new approach to graphic design, which is both more appropriate and effective at a time when society is overloaded with visual information.

Hillman Curtis. Eat the Audience

All of my personal philosophies constantly threaten to become prison bars. My adherence to grids, to minimalism, to reductionism, to the compulsion towards over-justification... even trying to work within the limitations of the web , can be dangerous if I become too rigid about it.

John Gall. This is going to be an enjoyable experience

Gall has a distinct sensibility: playful, light, intelligent, concise. Other times his covers have a special intensity, as though the book dreamed the cover—as though its soul seeped up from the pages and rested, inkily, there.

Ellen Lupton on her book Thinking with Type

Graphic designer, curator, artist, educator and writer, Ellen Lupton is perhaps best known for her Thinking With Type—a book that in many respects opened up typography to a wider audience. Many have remarked that she made learning about typography fun; and ‘do I look fat in this paragraph’ and ‘typography is what language looks like’ are now oft-quoted phrases. She also stirred up some controversy over her Free Fonts Manifesto. Interview at I love typography.

Alan Kitching. A life in letterpress

'A life in letterpress' documents the work of world-renowned typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner Alan Kitching. Alan Kitching is a typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner....

Leta Sobierajski. This Is What Landing Your Dream Job Looks Like

Interview with Leta Sobierajski from a series of six profiles of young creatives who created their dream job. It’s a rare and very special thing to have a job that's the same as the one you referred to in grade school when everyone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Heck, it’s rare to have the one you talked about at your college graduation party.

Debbie Millman. How to think like a great graphic designer

Containing an interview line-up that is no doubt a who’s who list of contemporary graphic design, How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designercontains an...