Jessica Hische. Anyone can be a good letterer

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” — Jessica Hische RIGHT NOW, FOR JESSICA Hische, that work—the work she should be doing for the rest of her life—is making letters. Right now, she sits at a computer in her Brooklyn apartment, hanging out with her two cats as she chats on the internet.

Louise Fili. Design what you are passionate about

The famous graphic designer Louise Fili talks to Lancia TrendVisions and presents her latest project for the BUR -“Rizzoli Universal Library”, “Romanzi d’Italia” , which involved her in the design of the cover pages for ten 19th-century ‘bestsellers’, about to be released to celebrate 150 years since the unification of Italy.

Muriel Cooper, founder of MIT’s Visual Language Workshop

Perhaps no one has had a greater affect on the way information—printed and electronic—is presented today than Muriel Cooper. As founder and co-director of MIT’s Visual Language Workshop, her explorations into the interactions between technology and design broke new ground in both graphic design and computer interface development. She designed covers for more than five hundred books, over one hundred of which have won design awards, and she was the second recipient of the American Institute of Graphic Design leadership award.

Leta Sobierajski. This Is What Landing Your Dream Job Looks Like

Interview with Leta Sobierajski from a series of six profiles of young creatives who created their dream job. It’s a rare and very special thing to have a job that's the same as the one you referred to in grade school when everyone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Heck, it’s rare to have the one you talked about at your college graduation party.

Paul Bennett finds design in the details

Showing a series of inspiring, unusual and playful products, British branding and design guru Paul Bennett explains that design doesn't have to be about grand gestures, but can solve small, universal and overlooked problems.

Austin Kleon. Show your work!

In his New York Times bestseller Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon showed readers how to unlock their creativity by “stealing” from the community...

Anthony Burrill. Clear your head

The ‘Godfather of the graphic art scene’ is quite a title to uphold. Anthony Burrill however has proven many times over that he not only deserves it, but may indeed need promoting up the ranks a bit.

Hannah Chan-Hartley. ‘Listening guides’ visualise classical music

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s ‘listening guides’ make use of symbols and morse code-like notation to aid the experience of a live performance. Hannah Chan-Hartley explains how she helps the TSO to visualise its repertoire.

Scott Belsky. Making ideas happen

Ideas are worthless if you can't make them happen.Generating new ideas is easy, it's executing that is hard. Whether it's an everyday problem or...

Piet Parra. Art is a big world

Piet Parra is a man of many talents. He designs, illustrates, and now he's in a band called Lele. (Piet provided the illustrations for the Lele track “Breakfast”). Anyone who has walked the streets of Amsterdam recently has spotted a Piet Parra, even if only from the corner of their eyes. His hand-drawn art work has graced many a flyer and poster, aswell as the occasional big brand campaign, CD covers and company logos. And let's not forget the T's of his Rockwell label. His themes and motifs have become the unique (and often imitated) trademarks of Parra's personal style: colorful letters, a world populated by hybrid humans, his 1970s retro-style drawings. And then there's this thing he has for voluptuous women. Submarinechannel called Piet up on the phone to discuss music, humor, drawing, and the meaning of his strange made-up words.

Louise Fili. Desk

'I’ve always kept my studio in the neighborhood so I can walk there every morning. My office is a personal sanctuary filled with all things (mostly Italian) that inspire me. And since the major part of the work I do is food-related, there is always something good to eat (or drink) around here: Irving Farm coffee and Sarabeth’s jam for breakfast, gelato or Qbel chocolates for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, and a glass of wine from Polaner Selections at the end of the day. When I work, I spread out at either at my desk, my Deco rattan chair, my 1950′s porch glider, or the conference room table.'

Jocelyn Glei. Manage your day-to-day

Stop doing busywork. Start doing your best work.Are you over-extended, over-distracted, and overwhelmed? Do you work at a breakneck pace all day, only to find...

Design for Social Good: Latitude’s Branding for Nonprofits

Latitude strongly believes in design for social good. Check out their beautiful branding work for Healing Haiti—a bakery and job creation center.The leaders and...

Tobias van Schneider. Understand the design goals of the business

Tobias van Schneider lives and breathes design. A rock star of the industry, van Schneider has worked with Google, and most recently as the Lead Designer at Spotify. Yet all this comes as sort of a shock considering he got rejected from every design program he applied to.

Steve Frykholm. Herman Miller’s Poster Child

For graphic designer Steve Frykholm, life at Herman Miller really has been a picnic. The Vice President of Creative Design reflects on his 45-year...