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Publication, United States. More Information: http://dresscodeny.com/

Dress Code was founded by Dan Covert and Andre Andreev. The two met while studying Graphic Design at California College of the Arts where they first began to collaborate. Their partnership continued onto directing and designing at MTV in New York. In 2007 they officially joined forces and opened Dress Code — a fitting name, as their Lower East Side office was previously occupied by a garment shop.

With backgrounds in Filmmaking, Design and Animation, Andre and Dan founded Dress Code to make visually distinct work that wasn’t defined by a certain style or limited to any particular medium. Their team is made up of artists with diverse skill sets who bring unique perspectives to everything they create.

Dress Code’s work has been recognized by SXSW, The Webby Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, AFI Docs, Seattle International Film Festival, One Screen and ADC Young Guns among others. They have many sparkling trophies to prove it.

They split their time doing commercial work and original content, intentionally staying small and selective so they can stand behind everything Produced and Directed by Dress Code.