Tag: Massimo Vignelli

Designer, United States. More Information: http://www.vignelli.com/intro.html

Massimo died May 27, 2014. Gary Hustwit remembers:
“One of my favorite Vignelli stories actually came via graphic designer David Carson. In the ’90s, during the “grunge” typography era when Carson was designing Ray Gun magazine, Vignelli had said some pretty harsh words about Carson’s work in the press. The two had never met, but when they were both scheduled as speakers at a design conference, Carson said he was scared to meet Vignelli in person. But at a speakers’ dinner the first night of the event (and after several bottles of wine were shared) they bonded, and apparently by the end of the dinner Massimo and Carson were dancing with the waitresses. The next day, a journalist asked Massimo what he thought of Carson. “Oh, I love him, he’s fantastic!” Massimo replied. Then the journalist asked him what he thought of Carson’s design work. “I love it, it’s fantastic. It’s not graphic design, but it’s fantastic!” Massimo was opinionated, but his sense of humor was always infectious.”