Tag: Modise ‘BlackDice’ Sepeng

Designer, South Africa. More Information: https://www.facebook.com/pg/negrituderepublic

Born in the notorious Johannesburg township of Alexandra, Modise “Blackdice” Sepeng is a designer, illustrator and art director who uses his heritage as inspiration to influence a new kind of aesthetic in african design. Having founded Negritude Republic in 2012 Modise aims to create work that challenges the status quo while celebrating African identities and ideologies. Having worked in agencies and as a freelancer, Modise draws on his experiences and upbringing to mentor young designers at Umuzi Academy.

“My Illustrations explores the idea of an integrated African Roots, the manifestations of our black race and intellectual achievement. It is in my nature to transform from social transnational forums of multi- cultural diversities. I am visual ingineer, sociological creative soul. The Melanin in my skin matches my deisings and illustration . Im combining and coordinating separate elements of my heritage to provide a harmonious and interrelated cultural hub, helping me to move towards an integrated Afro- black-creative-state with the ability to fuse Design and Culture to liberate my self conspirering with my creativity, tracing everything back to my Cultural roots.

Negritude Republic = Create + Curate + Collaborate”