Tag: Neville Brody

Designer, Great Britain. More Information: http://brody-associates.com

Neville Brody is perhaps the best known graphic designer and type designer of his generation with a devoted following for his anti-traditional views.

Neville Brody was born in London in 1957. He attended the London College of Printing from 1976-79 before becoming a freelance designer, mainly of record sleeves. In 1981 he became designer of The Face magazine, where his typographic experiments won international acclaim. He went on to art direct Arena, Per Lui (Italy) and Actuel (France). A book of his collected designs, The Graphic Language of Neville Brody, was published in 1988 to coincide with a retrospective at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. He is an enthusiastic advocate of computer-based design and by the early 1990s he was able, with a straight face, to recommend abandoning typography’s requirement of legibility — gloating as a chill shot down the spines of his type-pro audiences… In 1991 he helped to launch Fuse, a disk-based ‘interactive’ magazine of new typefaces.