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Agency, United States, Great Britain, Germany. More Information: http://www.pentagram.com

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned and run by 21 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual fields. It designs architecture and interiors, books, branding and identities, digital installations, exhibitions, film and video, products, posters, and websites from offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Austin.

Pentagram was founded in 1972 by Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange, Bob Gill, and Mervyn Kurlansky in London, on the premise of collaborative interdisciplinary designers working together in an independently owned firm of equals.

The ‘flat’ organization (there are no executive officers, CEO, CFO or board, other than the entire group) along with the self-capitalized finances of the business, allows equal participation and control of the group’s destiny by the members.

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