Tag: Verena Gerlach

Designer, Germany. More Information: http://www.fraugerlach.de

Ver­ena Ger­lach was born in Ber­lin and stud­ied Visual Com­mu­nic­a­tion at Kun­sthoch­schule Ber­lin Weis­sensee. Shortly after fin­ish­ing art school in 1998, she foun­ded her own stu­dio (frauger­lach) for graphic design, type design and typo­graphy.
Beside all kind of typo­graphic print works and typedesign, Ver­ena also art­dir­ec­ted sev­eral video clips and worked on the typo­graphic pro­duc­tion for inter­na­tional con­tem­por­ary artists.
Ver­ena has lec­tured in type design and typo­graphy at des­ig­nakademie ber­lin from 2003–2009 and gives lec­tures and work­shops about type– and graphic design all over the globe.